History of Our Church

The Tallmadge Church of the Nazarene was organized in April, 1958 by the District Superintendent, Rev. C.D. Taylor with Rev. Clifford L. Walton of the Cuyahoga Falls Church of the Nazarene serving as the organizing pastor. Services began with the rental of the Overdale Elementary School building and the new congregation awaiting the arrival of their new Pastor. The Rev. Donald MacNeil arrived in Tallmadge in June, 1958.

A five-acre plot of ground was purchased at the corner of South Munroe and Beechwood Drive in the spring of 1959. A small frame house was situated on the corner, where the present sanctuary now stands, and this was to serve as the parsonage for the next seven years.

Services were conducted for three years in the Overdale School Building while plans and progress was made on the new education wing, which was to serve the growing congregation. By August of the year 1961, the first unit and the education wing was ready for occupancy, where the church currently stands now.